awkwardpenguin asked: Hey! I'm looking for some ideas to mark where I've been on my map WITHOUT push pins! My map is a normal, and laminated, from Cotsco, but it's been with me through a lot! Thanks! <3

How about enamel dots?


World Scratch MapA classic world map where the continents are topped with a scratch-off foil surface so you can show off the places you’ve visited.

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Saving Peoples’ Geography Skills for a Better Future

At Awesome Maps we’re making fun, illustrated maps to encourage exploring and traveling.

We felt we had to make a map that educates kids about our awesome world and gets them excited about cultures and travel, so our new Kickstarter campaign (with only ten days remaining) is an interactive world map for kids to teach them about the wonders of the world in a super fun way.

Some bullet points about the kidsmap

  • map that comes with 140 stickers that teach kids about animals, monuments, legendary creatures (Nessie!) and more
  • Playing cards to discover the world in a fun and interactive way
  • Kickstarter campaign to ask people for their ideas - what do they want to see on this map
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  • All images here

Of course I am happy to answer all your questions. 

Thanks in advance for your time!


My birthday gifts this year. I love how well my boyfriend knows me. We have maps in pretty much every room of our apartment. 

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